About Us

As with any project, we realise the importance of people.

At Abacus Groundworks Edinburgh Ltd, We place the highest priority on the personnel involved.

Utilising their experience and abilities to provide a completed project to a high standard.

Every employee is trained to high standards with the appropriate certification and experience required to complete the tasks required effectively and efficiently.


All our project managers are provided with all the necessary resources to complete the tasks at hand.

Monitoring progress to making the final decisions necessary to complete the works.

All our managers are connected to our online management programme.

Thus allowing them to monitor, advance, mitigate and solve site critical issues efficiently & efficiently.

At Abacus Groundworks Edinburgh Ltd, We realise our project delivery is dependent on the products & services that we provide,
Therefore our partners are required to maintain the same high standards & customer focus.

To maintain this standard of service through our various support organisations, suppliers & contractors,
thus allowing us to cover the majority of the Scottish Mainland and North of England.

We have completed projects for local businesses to supermarket giants such as ASDA.

At Abacus we realise our project delivery is dependent on the products and services we provide hence our partners are required to maintain the same high standards and customer focus.

At Abacus we recognise our activities have environmental and social consequences. As a result, as of January 2019, we’ve implemented specific management monitoring processes to assess and reduce any impact.

This will allow us to meet our responsibilities, manage and mitigate risk, maximise opportunities, maintain our reputation and add value to our business through ongoing improvement and implementation of processes to reduce our impact.

We seek to demonstrate this commitment in our everyday actions and through our adherence to our Health and Safety, Welfare and Environmental Policy.

Abacus seeks to be ‘the contractor of choice’ and prides itself on being a professional company.
We offer a high-value service built on customer satisfaction, health and safety and employee wellbeing.